Rainforest Sunglasses


Product features:

  • For men or for women
  • Rich, weathered driftwood finish
  • Sturdy, eco-friendly bamboo wood frame
  • Designed to be ultra-lightweight so they float
  • High-quality flex-hinges to comfortably adjust to multiple face shapes
  • Stunning ice-blue, Revo mirrored lenses
  • Polarized, scratch resistant, UV400 lenses
  • Beautifully handcrafted and artisan etched
  • Hardwood carrying case and microfiber-lined soft case included
  • A portion of every purchase is donated to rainforest/wildlife conservation!

Rustic and Refined...

The Driftwood Ice frames are sunglasses for all seasons. Designed in the classic Wayfarer mold, Driftwood frames are immediately recognizable by their distinctive weathered finish. Carved from all natural, sustainable bamboo - their unique, rustic look is meant to accent and compliment any outfit. They emulate the unparalleled feel and undeniable essence of reclaimed wood that evokes a mood that is both in-the-moment and yet timeless; primitive and yet refined.

Their unique mirrored Ice lenses reflect the world around them in a kaleidoscope of deep blues, rich indigoes, brilliant azures, and dark skies. Their reflective design means that each new setting, each fractal of light hitting their surface, will bring out a new character and a completely different look and feel to your lenses. Your surroundings will set off an almost elemental firestorm of colors - mirroring the mood and natural essence of the environment around you.

Like all of our frames, the Driftwood is specially designed to be durable and ultra-lightweight so they float on the water. They are perfect for an active outdoor lifestyle on land or sea. They can be worn by anyone - man or woman - and can seamlessly transition from day to night. They are a perfect compliment to a suit and tie, a little black dress, or a pair of board shorts and tank top.

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