The story of DARMATI begins when I was serving overseas in Afghanistan, living in some of the harshest conditions in the world. I was motivated daily by the Marines I served alongside. Their bravery, leadership in the face of adversity, and selfless determination to not only do good, but to exhaust themselves for the sake of others and the mission greatly inspired me. To our veterans and active duty military: We support you because we are you.

My experiences overseas changed my life. When I returned home, I wanted to be a force for good, I just didn’t quite know how yet. It would take a few years of working in the corporate world to figure it out. Life became a grind in this environment. I felt like I was just chasing a number and I didn’t have a purpose. Something was missing: The sense of being a part of something greater than myself I had experienced with my Marines. To achieve this feeling, I realized I was going to have make something of my own. I retreated to the woods and began hiking in the forests I grew up in to be alone with my thoughts. The quiet, calm, and beauty of nature was the final piece of inspiration I needed.

And just like that DARMATI was born. The serenity I experienced on my hikes inspired me to create a company that would make fashionable eyewear from the best materials and use a portion of the proceeds to donate to causes that were important to us. Our mission was simple: "Protect and Connect". Since nature had such an impact on the creation of the company, we would donate a portion of the proceeds to support projects that protect the endangered rainforests of the world and organizations that connect combat veterans with the inspirational beauty and calmness of the outdoors. Our motivation and success would be derived from bringing people together and doing good for the world and for our communities. But, we can't do it without you. Join us on our journey and help us build something great.


Founder, DARMATI