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You’re going to love your new sunglasses. That’s why we offer risk free shopping with free shipping, free returns, easy exchanges, and a 15 day money back guarantee on all orders.  

Product Features:

  • Rich, dark wood finish
  • Sturdy, natural bamboo wood frame
  • Designed to be ultra-lightweight so they float
  • High-quality flex-hinges to comfortably adjust to your face shape
  • Stunning fire-red, Revo mirrored lenses
  • Polarized, scratch resistant, UV400 lenses
  • Beautifully handcrafted and artisan etched
  • Hardwood carrying case and microfiber-lined soft case included
  • A portion of every purchase is donated to rainforest/wildlife conservation!

Product Description:

Retro Feel, Timeless Look...

The Understory Fire is designed to have a retro-feel with a touch of modern flare. Their round-glass design is a nod to the iconic eye-wear of the 1960's and 1970's made famous by hippie icons like John Lennon and Janice Joplin. Their bright mirrored lenses are throwbacks to the intense color pallets of the 1980's and 1990's.  Together, they create a timeless look that is both distinct, striking, and modern.

Our mirrored Fire lenses reflect the world around you in a kaleidoscope of deep reds, striking oranges, brilliant pinks, and devastating violets. Their reflective design means that each new setting, each fractal of light hitting their surface, will bring out a new character and a completely different look and feel to your lenses. Your surroundings will set off an almost elemental firestorm of colors - mirroring the mood and natural essence of the environment around you.

Meanwhile,  the deep richness of the dark-wood frames - impeccably handcrafted from sustainable wood - will compliment the intensity of the lenses with its understated simplicity, and classic, refined feel.

Like all of our frames, the Understory is specially designed to be ultra-lightweight so they float on the water. These glasses would look amazing paired with a floral summer dress walking through a rustic barn in the countryside, strolling the beach with a loose oxford shirt and sun hat, or with just a t-shirt at the summer concert scene or music festival.

Why DARMATI Eyewear:

The Best in Style and Design: We want you to look fantastic in your new sunglasses. That’s why we focus on style, quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail when designing and carving all our handcrafted wood frames. We also include a bamboo hard case, a soft case, and a micro fiber cloth to properly maintain and protect your new high-end frames. 

Made From The Highest Quality Materials: If you are going to buy a new pair of sunglasses, invest in a pair that is built with the best possible materials. Premium natural bamboo is the perfect material to make high-quality eyewear. Bamboo is ultra-lightweight and strong unlike cheap plastic or clunky metal alternatives. Our unique frames will quickly become your favorite pair of sunglasses. 

THEY FLOAT! Never lose your sunglasses to the bottom of the ocean or lake again with our premium floatable frames. Why would you ever be on the water without a pair of sunglasses that float? Next time you're on the water, make sure you have a pair that floats! 

Designed For The Most Comfortable Fit: We pay close attention to quality, comfort, and fit when we design our eyewear to ensure we are making the best possible frame. A lightweight frame is key to a comfortable fit. Our frames are so light and comfortable you might just forget you are wearing them. Additionally, each pair of sunglasses is built with quality flex-hinges to easily adjust to your face for the best fit possible.

Polarized Lenses That Are Perfect For Driving And Life On The Water: Polarized lenses are a hallmark of the best high-quality, functional sunglasses. Polarization cuts through annoying and dangerous sun glare so you can see clearly. If you wear sunglasses while driving, you need polarized lenses to cut through dangerous blinding glare reflecting off other cars. For fishing and boating, you need polarization to cut through the glare reflecting off the water which allows you to see clearer and see deeper so you can make your next big catch!

Protect Your Eyes: If your current lenses don’t offer UV400 protection, you need new sunglasses. UV400 lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which is why they come standard in our frames. Additionally, our sunglasses are equipped with the highest quality TAC lenses that are designed for durability and provide excellent vision clarity.

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