July 06, 2016

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), that's what's up!! If you are an avid SUP-er, you know few activities give you the unique combination of physical fitness, relaxation, and breath-taking views. Ever hear the phrase, "healthy body, fit mind", but could never achieve it? If so, then you need to get yourself a board and get after it!! Visiting a new spot somewhere across the globe and want to get grab a few snapshots that no one else has taken before?? Get on a board, and start shredding my friend!! 

The best thing about SUPin' it up, is that you can choose how strenuous or how relaxing you want the adventure to be. Feel like waking up early to take a relaxing paddle, smell the crispness of the water, and see an incredible view while you watch the sun rise?? Perfect, SUP is for you! Feel like going beast mode today?? Want to strengthen your core, improve your balance, and get some low impact cardio in all while taking in some rays??? Nailed it!! SUP is for you. 

You don't have to be on an exotic vacation to SUP (although you should try this once in your life. You wont regret it :). Take an afternoon on the weekend to have a new experience with your guy or girl. I guarantee you will have some good laughs while you try to get your sea legs. 

Enjoy life my friends. Our journey is too short to not take in the incredible scenery we have been given!!!

Let Rainforest Sunglasses join you on that journey. Our sustainable bamboo sunglasses are ultra-lightweight, perfect for an active lifestyle. These eco-friendly shades also float in the water, so the next time you SUP, no chance of these bad boys sinking to the bottom of the bay. Lastly, the polarized lenses cut through any glare on the water so you can take in any view with out being blinded. You can check out a pair of our Canopy Classics here.