July 04, 2016

At Rainforest Sunglasses, we are big believers in staying active and connecting with nature in responsible ways. That's why we love hiking. It's a perfect opportunity to put on a pair of ultra light-weight Driftwood shades and go witness the diversity of nature (while getting a little exercise). And we're not the only ones. In 2012 alone, 34 million Americans went hiking. The United States is home to some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the world. Here are 5 of our favorites:

5.  Cascade Mountain Trail- NY: Beautiful views, friendly to beginners, and not too far from home if you're located on the East Coast, this trail will give you a fantastic look at some of New York's countryside, including beautiful Lake Champlain.

4. Old Rag Mountain - VA: This hike is a bit more challenging, but no less stunning. Widely considered one of America's most popular hiking destinations, it's easy to see why. Shenandoah National park is one of the most scenic areas in the world, and if you want to test yourself, this trail is the place to do it.

3. The Lost Coast - CA: The other way to see California's famed pacific coast. This is a relatively flat hike but that does not mean that it isn't challenging. The terrain varies greatly, and the weather can be unpredictable, but there may be no better way to experience California's ocean views.

2. Angel's Landing - UT: If you are a bit of daredevil, this trail is for you. Scaling treacherous cliffs and negotiating narrow rock passes are par for the course here, but trust me - its worth it. 

1. Muir Trail - CA: Perhaps the definitive American hiking trail, the Muir Trail is along-distance hike in theSierra Nevada mountain range ofCalifornia. It passes through the Yosemite,Kings Canyon, andSequoia National Parks. Most of the trail is designated wilderness. Simply put, it's a once in a life-time experience. 

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