October 13, 2016

Feel The Difference

The fine look and feel of wood evokes a sense of quality and richness that brings us back to a simpler time. A time when goods were made from nature, and quality, uniqueness, and design mattered. We love that old-school feeling and we want to share it with you. That is why each pair of Rainforest Sunglasses is made of real wood, handcrafted by expert artisans, and is as unique as the person wearing them. From the moment you first hold your Rainforest Sunglasses, you will notice they are different: 

  • The sturdy structure and smooth finish screams quality and feels unlike average sunglasses that are made of plastic or metal.
  • Our flex-hinges facilitate a comfortable fit by adjusting to multiple face shapes.
  • Your new shades are so incredibly lightweight, it won't even feel like you are wearing anything on your beautiful face.
  • In fact, they are so lightweight they float on the water. Rainforest Sunglasses will help you avoid losing another pair of sunglasses to the bottom of the ocean.

Feel the difference of Rainforest Sunglasses!

See The Difference 

Most sunglasses are not made from quality wood. The fact that we handcraft our frames from real wood makes your Rainforest Sunglasses special. The one of a kind wood grain in each piece is clearly visible and sets your sunglasses apart from the more common plastic and metal counterparts.

We know that you like to live an active lifestyle and demand functionality in addition to fashion. That is why all of our lenses are polarized and scratch resistant. The polarization neutralizes the glare of the sun that reflects off of water and solid surfaces to help you see more clearly and reduce the damaging effects of UV light. The scratch resistant nature of our lenses helps extend the life of your shades and gives you the clarity you need when active.

 See the difference of Rainforest Sunglasses!

Be The Difference 

Tropical rainforests cover 6-7% of the earth, and contain over half of all plant and animal species in the world. Unfortunately, these eco-systems are rapidly being destroyed. It’s estimated that we lose 20 football fields worth of rainforest each minute. At this rate, in less that 100 years we stand to lose all of our rainforests and the countless natural resources these beautiful marvels create. But together we can make a difference. That is why every time you purchase a pair of Rainforest Sunglasses, a portion of our proceeds are donated to Rainforest Trust. Rainforest Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization that helps to purchase, protect and safeguard tropical habitat to save endangered species by working with local organizations and communities throughout Latin America, Africa and AsiaYou can check them out at www.rainforesttrust.org. Also, for more information on the benefits and sustainability of bamboo, the key resource in the majority of our frames, please check out our blog.

 Be the difference with Rainforest Sunglasses!