July 07, 2016

Are you stressed out at work? Does your boss suck?? Have you told him he sucks??? If so, he probably told you to take a hike. At that moment, he was either firing you, or he was giving you a great life tip that you should incorporate into your everyday routine. But let's be serious, he was probably firing you...

We feel your pain guys!! We truly, truly do. Before we started Rainforest Sunglasses, we were alongside you in the corporate rat race. We know what it's like to chase metrics that make zero sense and seem unachievable because they were handed down by some phantom Wizard of Oz who has no idea what it is like working in the trenches. WE'RE WITH YOU!! We know what it is like to have difficult clients who will not listen to reason or painful bosses who couldn't lead or manage their way out of a wet paper bag. WE FEEL YOU!! Unfortunately, it's all part of the game :( But before you go off the deep-end and tell your client or boss how you really feel, Take a hike :) 

Hiking is a great way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and exercise the bod!! How exciting!! An exercise that lets you be outside, and gives you a fit mind AND a fit bod, you say?? Yes, you are going to be the total package. You are going to be feeling great, you are going to be looking great, potential mates will be more attracted to you because you are going to feel better, and when you feel better, you have more confidence, and confidence is attractive!! You are going to be able to crush problems at work because you are going to have a clear mind so you can focus on BEING CREATIVE!! I stress BE CREATIVE!! I can't tell you how many times some of my greatest ideas came to me while I was hiking. That is how Rainforest Sunglasses came to be!!!

"But hiking is hard, I need a mountain trail to do it"... WRONG... and you just made an excuse... Hiking is easy and it doesn't require a mountain (even though this is an incredibly beautiful option and I recommend you try it some day). You can simply walk out the front door of your office and start MAKIN' GAINS!!! 

Sometimes you just need to take a breather, get in some good exercise, and reflect on what is really important in life. At Rainforest Sunglasses, that means living an active, healthy lifestyle and taking care of the beautiful nature around us. It also means helping others enjoy the outdoors by creating handcrafted shades made of real, sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo wood. All of our frames are ultra-lightweight and float in the water, so you will never lose another pair to Sebastian the Crab. And lastly our beautiful, polarized, high definition lenses cut though any annoying glare, so you can see the smile on your beautiful partner's face while you enjoy life :)

Live life friends, and instead of crushing your boss, TAKE A HIKE!!!