June 29, 2016

Here at Rainforest Sunglasses, we're obviously BIG fans of bamboo, and not just because it can be used to make some awesome eco-friendly eye-wear. Bamboo can be used for all sorts of things: building homes, a nutritious snack, and of course, fashionable accessories for your beautiful eyes. 

What many people don't know is that bamboo is actually a major improvement on traditional hardwoods. Think about it: cut down a maple or an oak, it will be years or decades before it can be replaced. A forest might not grow back for a hundred years after it has been cleared. But here's the thing - Bamboo is actually more like grass than a tree. An individual bamboo culm emerges from the ground at its full diameter and grows to its full height in a singlegrowing season, usually three to four months. It is generally mature enough to harvest after three to six years, and just like grass, bamboo grows back after harvesting, just like your lawn.  After it is mature, bamboo can be harvested every single year for the life of the plant. Pretty cool.

That's what makes bamboo such a perfect fit for Rainforest Sunglasses. We believe in using sustainable practices, and renewable resources. Bamboo likes being hand crafted by artisans into sleek and modern accessories. It's a perfect match!